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Soda PDF lets you convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF wherever you are, on any device.

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How to convert Excel to PDF

Choose a file

Select the file you want to convert by dragging and dropping it into the box, or uploading one from your computer or a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

View and download

To view your PDF file, download it to your computer and open it in your browser. We can also email you a link to your file, which will allow you to access it for 24 hours.


Play with your print options

The way that your .xls file appears in your converted PDF document is governed by the various “print” options within Excel. Before converting your file from Excel, you can format options such as setting print areas, inserting page breaks, and modifying page orientation, size, borders and scale within your Excel document to change the way that your PDF will appear once it has been converted.

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From sheets to pages

Separate sheets, separate pages! When converting from Excel to PDF, every spreadsheet within your xlsx file will be converted into a separate page in your new PDF document.

No more formulas

PDF is a static format, and therefore does not contain any formulas. When you convert from Excel to PDF, your Excel formulas will not be carried over into PDF, so if you edit the content of a table, the results from previous calculations on Excel will not change.

Back to Excel

You can easily convert your file back to Excel in order to change your data and work with formulas again. Our free online PDF to Excel converter tool will take care of everything for you!

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply