Resize PDF

Resize your PDF files online with ease.

  • From Google Drive
  • From Dropbox

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How to resize your PDF file

  • Drag and drop or upload a PDF file you want to resize.

  • Modify the dimensions of the PDF file.

  • Save the resized PDF file to your device and you're all done!



How do I change my PDF dimensions?

After uploading your PDF, you can select the new margin and page dimensions that you would like to change the size of your PDF.

How do I resize a PDF to a larger size?

To make your PDF dimensions larger, select a larger page size or margin size than what you have now in the settings of our online tool. Once you save your file, it will now be resized bigger!

Can I make my PDF file smaller?

After selecting reduced margin sizes and page size in the tool options, your PDF will be slimmed down. You can also use our PDF Compress tool to compress the actual file size of your PDF.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.