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Resize your PDF files online with ease.

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How to resize your PDF file

  • Drag and drop or upload a PDF file you want to resize.

  • Modify the dimensions of the PDF file.

  • Save the resized PDF file to your device and you're all done!


Easily resize your PDFs online

With Soda PDF's resizing tool, you can promptly resize your PDF documents online for free! Simply indicate the dimensions you wish to have and our tool will do the rest.

Accessible across any device

As an online, browser-based tool, our PDF resizing tool is readily accessible anytime, anywhere, from your PC, phone, or tablet.

The most secure PDF resizing tool

Your file's security is a top priority for us. We ensure that your file remains 100% secure when you upload it to our servers, and delete any traces after 24 hours.

Explore the benefits of resizing PDF

Resizing the dimensions of a PDF can be valuable for adjusting the paper size for printing, or simply to reshape your content for email, letters or other visual formats!

Convenience and flexibility of PDF resizing

When preparing a PDF, you might discover that you've selected the wrong aspect ratio. While you decide on design, content, and formatting, leave the aspect ratio adjustment to us!

Shrinking your PDF dimensions

You can easily shrink your PDF dimensions by entering reduced margin and page sizes into the tools options. You can then access your resized file!


How do I change my PDF dimensions?

After uploading your PDF, you can select the new margin and page dimensions that you would like to change the size of your PDF.

How can I reduce the size of a PDF while maintaining high quality?

Soda PDF's online resize tool adeptly adapts your PDF margin and page size while preserving the quality of images, fonts, and other content. After selecting reduced margin sizes and page size in the tool options, your PDF will be adjusted down. You can also use our PDF Compress tool to compress the actual file size of your PDF.

How secure is it to resize PDF files online?

We prioritize the safety of your documents. Rest assured that when you resize a PDF on our platform, we ensure that your file is handled securely and is erased completely after use.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.