With Soda PDF, you can convert your images to PDF in a flash with the easy-to-use JPG to PDF converter.

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How to convert JPG to PDF

Choose a file

Select a JPG file from your computer or a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or simply drag-and-drop it into the appropriate box if you have it handy.

View and download

To access your brand-new PDF, simply download the file to your computer and view it in your browser. You can also let us email you a link to your file, which will be valid for 24 hours.


Unlock the text within an image

When you convert an image into a PDF file, any text merged in the image will not be immediately editable in your PDF software. But don’t worry, we’ll dig up that text for you! Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to automatically recognize the text within your image, as well as the font used, so that you can edit your content. Where can you get this magical technology? Lucky for you, Soda PDF Desktop and Online application both have this technology integrated and available for your use.

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Compression preserved

The compression level of your JPG file is preserved when you convert to PDF to ensure that your image does not undergo any quality loss.

PDF file format

We make sure that your converted PDF keeps the same aspect ratio and orientation as the image you uploaded. There won’t be any extra borders or whacky angles in this PDF!


Reverse the conversion and go back to JPG! Use our free online PDF to JPG converter tool to convert your PDF file back into an image file once you’re done editing it.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply