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Soda PDF allows you to change the orientation or rotate PDF pages in just a click. The rotation is permanent, so your pages will be facing the right way when you re-open the file. Rotate a PDF, it's easy and FREE*!

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How to rotate a PDF file

1 Choose a PDF document to rotate

Want to rotate a PDF file for FREE*? Select the PDF document by dragging and dropping the PDF file in the PDF convert box, or select and upload the file directly from your computer or from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

2 Select angle

Choose the angle to rotate the PDF: 90 degrees rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, or rotate PDF files 180 degrees. Rotating a PDF is easy, free, and can be done in just one click! You can also choose to only rotate individual pages or selected page ranges within your PDF files.

3 View and download

When your PDF rotation is ready, you can download your rotate PDF file to your computer and view the rotate pages directly within your browser. We can also email you a free, secure link to click in order to access your PDF rotate files, but please note that this link will only be valid for the next 24 hours.


Did you know?

Rotate PDF files is a permanent change

Learn more about Rotate PDF

Different rotation angles

With our online PDF rotator, you can orient your PDF to the angle that’s best suited for you. Rotate your PDF 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, or flip it 180 degrees. You can then view and edit your document from these new angles.

Split and rotate

Need to rotate one specific page? Try our online tool to split pages in your PDF document into single files, then use the Rotator tool to change the orientation of specific pages. You can also use our online PDF convert tool to convert from PDF or convert to PDF.

Entire document

When you rotate a page, the entire orientation of the page changes as well, including all objects and elements on it. To rotate individual elements on your page, such as pictures, you'll need to edit the content of your PDF. Try our full Editor from our Soda PDF online application.

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