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Soda PDF allows you to change the orientation of your pages with just a few clicks. The rotation is permanent, so your pages will be facing the right way when you re-open the file.

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Rotation angle

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How to rotate a PDF file online

  • To rotate a PDF file, you have 3 options to upload from: “My Computer”, “Dropbox” and “Google Drive”
  • You can select between 3 rotation angles: “90° clockwise”, “180° flip” and “90° counter clockwise”. It is also important to note that based on the rotation angle you pick, the changes will apply to all pages in your document.

Page range selector

You can choose the specific pages of your file that you want to rotate. Not all pages have to be rotated at the same time.

Cloud storage access

Soda PDF lets you access the files you have saved in your personal cloud storage directly within the application.

Online rotation

You can upload and permanently rotate your PDF files through your web browser, anytime, on any device.

You're in safe hands

Worried about document safety? With Soda PDF, you don't have to be. We only store them for 24hrs for your convenience, and then they are deleted.

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  • Lightning fast load time
  • Desktop and online


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