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  1. 1Send for Signature

    • Use the Quick Send feature to quickly and safely send a document for signature. Simply choose a signer, select a signature type (signature or initial), place it on your document, and send it for signature.
    • The Advanced Send feature allows you to perform the same tasks as Quick Send, but with a greater number of options.

    Advanced Send Steps

  2. Step 1:

    • Add the documents you want to send for signature to your package (10 MB file size limit). You can arrange the documents in the order in which you want them to appear.
    • Add or change the title of your documents, and include a short description for each.
    • Choose whether you want your documents to simply be accepted and not signed by checking off the designated box.
  3. Step 2:

    • Add signers to your document. You can add your own name if you need to sign the document as well.
    • Select a signature field type to determine whether you want the signee’s full signature or just the initials. You can also choose to capture a freehand signature and a mobile signature.
    • Add interactive form fields such as signing date, radio buttons, checkboxes and text entry fields if you want the signer to provide additional information during the signing process.
    • o   Request a mandatory attachment (e.g. driver’s license) from the signer. Once received, you can either accept the attachment or reject it. If rejected, the signer will be notified by email and will be prompted to upload a new version of the attachment.
    • Choose your desired authentication method (i.e., email, SMS or Q&A). The identity of the signer will be verified with your selected method.
    • Choose whether or not you want to duplicate delivery of signed documents. This allows the signer to receive a copy of the signed documents via email once complete.
    • Indicate whether or not the signer is allowed to assign a different signer to your package. This enables the original recipient’s to shift signing responsibilities to someone else.
  4. Step 3:

    • Enter a package name. A package is made up of all the documents you want the recipients to sign.
    • Add an expiry date to your package. If the signer does not sign it on time, it will be deactivated and will no longer be able to be signed.
    • Choose the language in which the signer will receive instructions about your package. The default language is set to English.*
    • Choose to review your package before marking it as complete. If this option is not selected, your package will be marked as complete as soon as all recipients have signed.
    • Set a signing order if you have added multiple signers to your package and want each of them to sign the documents in a specific order.
    • Send your package.

    *Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian

  1. 2My Packages

    • The Inbox center allows you to track the status of your sent packages. Within this folder, you can:
      • Send reminders to recipients who have not yet signed your packages.
      • Review, accept and sign documents.
      • Download all signed files.
      • Modify/edit your packages. If you make changes to a package that has already been sent for signature, it will be disabled and you will have to resend the package for signing.
      • Save a package as a template for future use. A template saves the entire active document as-is (including all text and fields).
      • Mark your packages as complete.
      • Archive your packages.
      • Delete your packages.
      • Access the summary of all actions associated with a signing process.
    • The Drafts button allows you to quickly access your saved drafts. Once you click on the button, a dropdown will appear containing all your unsent packages. Within the Drafts folder, you can:
      • Modify your drafts.
      • Save as template for future use.
      • Delete your drafted packages.
    • The Templates button allows you to quickly access all your saved templates. Saving a template saves the entire active document as-is (including all text and fields). Within the Templates folder, you can:
      • Modify your templates.
      • Delete your templates.
  1. 3Signers

    • The Manager Signers feature allows you to view and edit all your stored signers. You can add/remove them as you please.
  2. 4Layouts

    • The Save Layout feature allows you to save all the fields you’ve added to your active documents to reuse them for future documents.* You can name your layout and add a description.
    • The Apply Layout feature allows you to apply a previously saved layout to your document.

    * Note: Your signature placeholders will be saved, but you must right-click each signature field and add the specific signers once you apply your layout.

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