Soda PDF Desktop Release Notes

This document provides detailed information regarding new features, enhancements, and resolved issues included in Soda PDF Desktop 14.

latest version:

Soda PDF Desktop v14


Soda PDF 14 Release date - Apr. 2022

Soda PDF Desktop v14

Release date - Apr. 2022

Entirely new and improved Home screen UI-

Enjoy a new, updated user interface that allows you to customize your Soda PDF Desktop home screen by adding the tools you use most for quicker, simpler access to your favorite PDF tools

  • New integrated Live Chat service to get in touch with a helpful Soda PDF support agent whenever you need expert advice.
  • Introducing a new and improved feedback feature which allows users to share their opinions regarding Soda PDF’s tools, updates, and services or report any bugs.
  • Includes a feature suggestion option allowing users to provide Soda Product team with feature requests that they would like to be included in future updates.

New "Fill & Sign" module to allow users to fill forms and sign easily-

Use Fill & Sign to quickly fill out your forms with ability to add text, shapes, signature and send it from your desktop.

  • Added Floating toolbar for quick edit and a better User Experience.

New and improved E-Sign flow with added functionality to give more control to users-

Ability to add Default or Custom Consent form for E-Sign

E-Sign now has two new tools: Default & Custom Consent forms.

  • Default Consent form: Users can now include a pre-generated consent form for the signer of the PDF document to add their electronic signature to for a more secure and legally binding e-signature process.
  • Custom Consent form: Create your own consent forms or customize the default form to your own specifications for signers to sign.

Create bookmarks for merged documents & retain existing bookmarks

You can now create and apply bookmarks within merged documents as well as retain any pre-existing bookmarks upon merging multiple documents or a file folder.

More flexibility to re-size Soda PDF Desktop window

Users can now re-size the Soda PDF Desktop application window to an ideal size of their choosing and can also use in the split-screen mode.

Read Aloud Feature

Our new Text to Speech feature allows you to have the content of your document read back to you using our state-of-the-art AI technology.

  • Read Aloud feature is available in English along with additional languages such as French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Change Indent added to tool area for text editing

Users now can increase or decrease the indentation of any paragraph or text element within their PDF document.

New and improved Open PDF and Save as flow for a better UX

  • Ability to automatically add existing Page marks to new pages
  • New ‘Send to OneNote’ feature to allow users to send their PDF files directly to OneNote
  • New messaging system to share upcoming product promotions, useful tips and showcase directly relevant offers.

New "Go to page" feature

You can now select and set up a page that will be displayed anytime your document is opened.

New Append/Prepend feature to virtual printer

You can now append or prepend a document or page to the end or beginning of your PDF document via a virtual printer.

New default Page preview size for Page tab

Users now have the option to choose and customize a page preview size of their choice when viewing their document via our Page feature.

Ability to select DPI for PDF to Image conversion

Users can now select the dot per inch (DPI) of their image file when converting from PDF to an image file such as JPG, PNG, and more.

Added warning pop-up when closing multiple tabs

Whenever a user is about to close multiple tabs at once, Soda PDF will alert the user with a warning pop-up, allowing the user to confirm before closing.

Major bug fixes and Improvements

  • Incorrect animation for hover over pages in 'Pages' tab.
  • Empty soda preview is shown in Outlook
  • The 'Reset default' button does not appear when the window is reopened in the Page -> Crop
  • Better highlight, underline, and Strikethrough handling
  • Fixed Soda User management failing to refresh on its own
  • The 'Synchronous Scrolling' text is cut of in 'Side by Side' view
  • The 'Previous' arrow in the calendar is missing in E-Sign
  • Send to OneNote is not translated in Connect tab
  • The watermarks text isn't displayed on the document preview -> Edit tab
  • The frame is adjustable when the 'Remove white margins' checked in the Page Crop
  • The Password field animation is shifted in the Batch
  • No 'Drag to add' hint in the E-sign panel
  • The Evernote window extends beyond the minimum Soda window
  • A hotkey is triggered when trying to enter "F" to a text field when you are on Forms tab
  • The Save button is disabled when replacing the file name in the 'Save as'
  • “Decrease” and “Increase” indent tooltip is not translated