PDF 转 Word

只需点击几下鼠标就能将您的 PDF 在线转换为 Word 文件。

  • 从 Google Drive
  • 从 Dropbox



如何将 PDF 转换为 Word 格式


从计算机或云端存储服务(如 Google Drive 或 Dropbox)上传要转换为 word 格式的 PDF 文件。


将新的可编辑 Word 文档下载到计算机并用浏览器查看,即可轻松访问该文档。

了解更多有关 PDF 转换为 Word 格式的信息


从 PDF 转换为 Word 时,将保留 PDF 的布局。这可确保转换后文档页面中的所有元素的格式和位置保持完整,并确保您的工作和信息安全。当您下载我们的桌面应用程序时,使用我们的在线或离线 PDF 转 word 工具,并获取免费试用机会。


我们的 PDF 转 word 转换器只是 Soda PDF 提供的众多 PDF 工具中的一个。只需点击一个按钮,就可编辑、合并、创建或将 word 转换为 PDF格式!您还可以对您的 pdf 文档进行数字或电子签名,或使用高级加密选项保护您的文件,比如添加密码保护,从而让您节约时间并提高效率。

Other formats included

But wait, there’s more! You can convert your PDF files into other popular Word editing formats, such as .TXT or .RTF, with the help of our full converter tool available on our Soda PDF online application. This way, you can share your Word document with MAC users who might not be able to read the file right without a Windows operating system.

Automatically convert to Docx

Our PDF to Word converter is just one of the many PDF tools Soda PDF can provide. We have a slew of products for any and all of your DOC files or other document needs. Plus, you can get more uses out of your files by using our other online PDF tools via desktop or online. Edit, merge, create, or convert back to PDF with just one click of a button! Our tools also allow you to digitally or electronically sign documents or protect your files using advanced security options like adding password protection to your files, allowing you to save time and increase your productivity.

如何将 PDF 转换为 Word 格式

How to Convert PDF to Word

How to Convert PDF to Word

Looking to convert a PDF document into a Word file? Try using Soda PDF’s easy-to-use PDF to Word online tool! Simply upload your PDF document and our software solution will quickly transform your PDF into Word in seconds.

Insert a PDF into WORD

How to Insert a PDF into Word

Insert a PDF document directly into any Word file using Soda PDF. Our powerful document management software has all the PDF tools you need to quickly combine file formats, such as inserting a PDF into an existing Word file.

Convert scanned pdf to word

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Use our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool to quickly spot editable text within any scanned document or image file. Convert & combine your scanned PDF documents into Word files using Soda PDF’s easy-to-use OCR tool.

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